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Villa Ariadni, Oia, Santorini

Our Locations on the island

Villa Ariadni in Oia
Villa Fegari in Firostefani

Our Locations are of the best on the island. Fira, the central village of the island, Firostefani and the village of Oia. All our houses are built on the caldera cliff, close to numerous attractions, restaurants and markets and all enjoy great views.

Villa Fegari is located in the white washed village of Firostefani. Hanging from the cliff the villa has excellent views of the caldera and the sunset of Santorini.

Villa Ariadni is located in the traditional and eclectic village of Oia in the north part of Santorini. Close to everything in the center of Oia the location is calm and romantic with excellent views facing the sunset of Oia.

Fira is the islands capital. Located in the middle of Santorini Fira is always busy, in the summer and the winter months. Hanging from the highest cliffs of the Caldera, and being in the centre of the island.

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